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Problem with RDP port

Problem with RDP port

Hey Guys!

Ive sucessfuly instaled both aps for PC (windows 7 64) and android HTC Desire. The problem is that I cannot connetc/log in with my phone. I presume the problem lies with RDP port forwarding. Could anyone explain what kind of port should I open on my router (Ive opend 3389 TCP and UDP) and Its still not forwarding.

I need help with this please.

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RE: Problem with RDP port

have you tried using the Windows companion? You can also download or PocketCloud Admin Guide at www.wyse.com/kb and search for document number "20015" and review the section on Port Forwarding. 




Roger Montalvo 
Visit our Dell Wyse Thin Client Knowledge Base and Manuals web site at www.wyse.com/KB
Visit our Dell Wyse PocketCloud Knowledge Base and Manuals web site at http://pocketcloudsupport.wyse.com/forums

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