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RD Gateway

RD Gateway

Didn't want to threadjack from community.wyse.com/.../show...-on-Connecting so instead I'll create a new thread.

Some background info:
1. Using wi-fi xoom PocketCloud v1.2.265
2. RD Gateway on Server 2008, connecting to Win7 and Server2008 clients.
3. Self-signed cert, connection established but not upheld.

Here's the skinny. I setup a connection to go through my RD gateway and at first it didn't even want to try to connect. To solve that, I went to the RD gateway from the web browser and accepted the site's certificate. Wonderful. Now at least it would double check my credentials (typed them in wrong on purpose). After correcting that, it would hang on connecting, a window would pop up to say NLA has been accepted, then session disconnected. I tried it again without NLA, but it wouldn't take it. Server side, I have set to accept any version of RD. (Oh yea, I'm also a member of the administrators group so that shouldn't be a hang up).

Moving on, I checked the event viewer and found this:

The Terminal Server security layer detected an error in the protocol stream and has disconnected the client.

I couldn't get the event to duplicate so it may not be a case of causation, but I was just poking around and thought maybe this could spark some kind of discussion and turn some mental gears.

Let me know what you think.

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