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Suggestions for PocketCloud update

Suggestions for PocketCloud update

I've been using PocketCloud for a while and love it.. a nice addition to the rest of my Android tools. However, I'd like to request a couple of features for an upcoming update..

1) For RDP connections, allow storing some default settings:
Login name
Screen Size

2) Allow copy/paste or duplicate of existing machine config.. allow me to copy one RDP setup to create a new one where I only need to change the hostname and description. It would save having to re-enter all of the settings again and again and again and .. 

3) Allow for exporting of the configs and importing of configs. The reason for this is so I could have Pocket Cloud on multiple devices (iPhone and Android) but allow the sharing and importing of my RDP/VNC configurations so they don't have to be created again.

Keep up the great work!

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