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VPN connection doesn't work, question on screen resolution

VPN connection doesn't work, question on screen resolution

I was able to connect to both my home PC and my work laptop using the auto-detect. I didn't try RDP, but noticed on the free version, the screen resolution only goes up to something like 1280x1064. In the paid version, is 1680x1050 an option? I have both my computers set to that, and the auto-detect shrinks the screen, which then completely screws up all my desktop icons the next time I log into the computers, which makes this unusable to me.

Second, and more important question: I can log into my work computer, but when i try to connect to the VPN client (Cisco), it will never connect. Is this a known issue? Without the ability to do this, the PocketCloud program is also useless to me, as I mostly would get this for work. Sure, I can connect to the VPN ahead of time, however it's not unusual for the connection to *** out during the day, so I need the ability to reconnect it remotely.

Thanks for your help.

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