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Windows 7 issues trying to connect from Android 2.3.4

Windows 7 issues trying to connect from Android 2.3.4

I am using Windows 7 as my server and Android 2.3.4 as my client.
When I start up I am signed on to my Google account and auto discovery works great.
When I run diagnostics on the pc side I see "VNC is listening on port xxxx" and below that the correct ip address of the pc. When I click on either auto discovered or my manual connections I get a blank screen. I can hit menu and see the options on the bottom of the screen of my Android but they do not do anything. When I try to disconnect it hangs and the Kill command does not kill it.

After that anytime I start up PocketCloud on my Android all I see is "Disconnecting...." until I restart
the Android. I have reinstalled both sides numerous times and never see an error.
I have read all the doc that I can find very carefully and made sure that my firewall is set correctly.
Other emulation apps work without problem in the same environment.

Any help would be much appreciated. I used this app a few years ago with another Android tablet and as I recall it was pretty useful.

Thanks very much,
Jim Lee

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