Windows Vista, Android, and Wyse

Question Windows Vista, Android, and Wyse

I recently purchased the mobile cloud app on my Android, and I downloaded UltraVNC and I've been able to connect to my computer through my phone, I was actually quite impressed how well it worked, but I have a question.

I specifically got the app to access media I have on my computer that I dont necessarily want taking up space on my phones SD card, but now when I pulled up the media via the app it plays, a little choppy, but there is no sound. So am I doing something wrong, or is feature currently not supported?

Now I purchased the full version because I saw elsewhere on the forums that the full version has sound options, but they're listed under the RDP options. Ive also read on the forums that Windows Vista 64bit doesnt support RDP. So is it impossible to get media sound from my computer to play on my Android with Wyse Pocket Cloud?

Phone Info:

Motorola Droid

PC Info:

Vista, 64bit, service pack 2
Wyse Pocket Cloud Companion (up to date)
UltraVNC installed

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RE: Windows Vista, Android, and Wyse

We only support sound on RDP connections. Unfortunately Microsoft supports RDP only on Vista Ultimate, Enterprise and Business (not Home). If you don't have one of these Versions, there are third-party commercial tools that will enable RDP on those platforms but that's not officially supported by MS.

Wyse PocketCloud Team

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