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Xoom Connection to Business Computer

Cool Xoom Connection to Business Computer

So i downloaded the Free version of Pocket Cloud I did get it connect only because my laptop was with me. My laptop is a work computer so I have the standard control + alt+del login feature. Should I be using my google credientials to login or should I used the RDP or the other VDC. I tried to set up the RDP and it needs a host information, what is or where can I find the host information as well as the domain.

Thanks it seems to work nicely

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RE: Xoom Connection to Business Computer


Host Address is your PC's ip address.
Domain is your company name

If you are trying to connect to RDP machine , then use your username and password you always use to login to your PC.

Here is a link to user guide http://www.wyse.com/products/softwar...roid/index.asp


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