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cant get it working!

cant get it working!

I can get this working with gmail--but I dont want to--I would like to set up manual connections--but everytime I try-I get the error:

I want to use pocketcloud to rdp into my windows 7 machine at work
I have turned off the firewall
I was able to get it working using the gmail auto setup

I would like to be able to create a manual connection by putting in my machines ip address-but all I get is :
"connection failed could not connect to server"

please help!

Also, at home, I would like to VNC into my machine and remote control it --rdp is no good- I need to control the screen from my phone, but have the output go to my TV monitor

This I also got to work using gmail connection--but I would like to do it manually.

thanks in advance

(ps. firewall is disabled
pocket cloud desktop app is installed and running )

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