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connecting via 4g vs wifi to pocjet cloud

connecting via 4g vs wifi to pocjet cloud

I wasn't able to connect to pocketcloud after my computer goes into standby mode or whatever its called (i turned off sleep mode thinking that was the problem) over 4g but it will connect in the same mode via WiFi. I want to connect over 4g when I'm away from home. Do I have to turn off all power saving options and have the computer fully running without those features to connect? Are there any apps I cab get to wake my computer up from sleeping via my phone when I'm away from home?

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RE: connecting via 4g vs wifi to pocjet cloud

Yes, the computer will need to be turned on and not in a sleep/hibernate mode for you to be able to connect. Have you been able to connect over 4G ever?

Also, there are some applications available that can do a Wake On Lan function, unfortunately our application cannot do that at this time. We are hoping to support this sometime in the future though.

Josh Maurer
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