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connection with Galaxy Tab

connection with Galaxy Tab

i have succesful installed poket cloud in to my Galaxy Tab and also on my windows pc.
Galaxy has recognized the name of the machine program installed on my PC
When I try to connect with the Galaxy, leaves out the message
"Vnc password missing" I entered the same password gmail but does not recognize
I previously installed on your PC for use with iPhone Teamviewer and real Vnc

How do I solve the problem of password?

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RE: connection with Galaxy Tab

I Assume you're connecting to a Windows machine? What version of Windows would that be?
PocketCloud supports RDP and VNC connectivity. If you are using VNC (you'll need a VNC server installed on your machine), you need to enter the VNC password. Please note that the Gmail Password for Auto Discovery is different than the VNC password. You can use the "Real VNC" password for your connection if you still have RealVnc installed on your machine.




Wyse PocketCloud Team

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