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vpn connection question

vpn connection question


i recently installed pocketcloud onto my moto droid (running froyo 2.2) and was able to successfully connect to my home desktop computer. however when i tried to log in to my vpn, the screen did not refresh and my remote connection seemed to be stuck/frozen.

is this a known problem? using pocketcloud, am i able to connect from my cellphone to my home computer, and then using that remote access, have my home computer connect to a vpn (without losing my pocketcloud connection)?

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RE: vpn connection question

This is note a supported use case. After you enable your VPN on your Computer, the network settings of your home PC are changing, so the expected behavior is a disconnect. Could you try connecting to your Home PC after you establish the VPN? (the VPN network might not allow you to do this)

Wyse PocketCloud Team

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