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Authetication for xp pro remote shadow?

Authetication for xp pro remote shadow?

Hello, this is incredible software. Trying to connect to one last piece of hardware, an xp pro tower. Your software automatically found this tower (automatic discovery rdp) but when I click on it, I get a login screen, like any normal remote desktop, and I can't seem to get the right credentials. It would be nice to VNC, can I set it up that way? Test fails for both VNC and RDP ports. 

If VNC not possible, how do I get the right credentials? Do I have to create another user? There is no guest user and Only one user exists on the computer. 

Thanks for your help and thanks for this awesome software.

Running the latest build on the xp tower.

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RE: Authetication for xp pro remote shadow?

Hi Mj,
For vnc we dont need credentials. Just the password you set on the vnc server application.
For rdp, we do need the credentails(user name /password) for the users on the desktop. Assuming the user has rdp priveledge.
If you need help on specific action, Please feel free to write to me.
Thank you!



Wyse PocketCloud Team

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