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RE: Bluetooth keyboard

The keys (ctrl, alt, windows key, etc) that are not working is due to apple's access control to these keys.
As of now we are not aware of any alternative.
we will let you know if we have any new update.
Thank you!

Wyse PocketCloud Team

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RE: Bluetooth keyboard

Failure to provide open API's so vendors can address cross-platform compatibility is a major downside to Apple's legendary closed, proprietary mentality. Now that Apple devices are ubiquitous, they need to be more open in at least a few places like keyboard and browser API's. Apple purists might ask: "Why use any non-Apple devices?" This kind of extreme parochialism will have to be smashed for iOS-based devices to complete the transition from toys to essential tools in the enterprise. (As an enthusiastic iPad 2 owner, I think they're already much more than toys, but as others have said, key mapping is a major impediment.) Let's march over to and start hammering!

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