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Cannot Connect to Server

Cannot Connect to Server

Hello all, I recently downloaded pocketcloud free from the app store for an iPad and I am having an issue connecting. This is for use on a networked pc using XP pro SP3. Here are the steps I have taken thus far. 

1. Ensured the user was set up as a remote desktop user on the machine
2. Ensured they have wireless access and are set up as a wireless access/vpn user on the machine
3. Ensured Pocketcloud was an accepted app in firewall settings with port 3389 being open
4. Set up the user manually on ipad with network settings that matched a working user. 
5. Ensured they were connected to wifi and able to pull up a page to verify network connectivity
6. Remoted into their machine using their creds and was successful from another PC
7. Uninstalled and re-installed the pocketcloud app 3 times
8. Rebooted their machine multiple times
9. Made sure under my computer properties remote assistance and access were checked/enabled
10. installed pocketcloud companion on their computer and tried to auto connect. It does detect the station but it will not connect. It does say the machine is online however. 

At this point I do not know what else to do. I have 9 total ipad users making use of pocketcloud app and 8 are able to get on, but this one cannot. Please advise, thanks.

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RE: Cannot Connect to Server

Just to clarify, you have 8 other iPads that can connect successfully to this XP Pro SP3 server but just this particular one cannot?

1. What version of the companion are you using?
2. Is the 1 device you are having trouble with using a different iOS firmware than the others? What version of iOS is it using?
3. Did you verify the port number matched on the manual connection to the VNC client installed on your XP Pro machine?

Josh Maurer
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