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Geting "Session Disconnected" when connecting

Geting "Session Disconnected" when connecting

I've installed PocketCloud on my iPad2 and Windows Companion on my home PC. My home PC shows as a "discovered connection" on the iPad. When I try to connect, the Wyse logo says "Loading..." for about 15 seconds and then "Session Disconnected". 

I have WinRAR VNC on the PC so TightVNC didn't automatically install. I manually installed it to see if that would help (it didn't). Both TightVNC and Windows Companion have system tray icons and seem to be running correctly.

The home PC sits behind a Linksys firewall/router w/ a static IP. In the routing table, I forwarded all port 5900 traffic to the PC I want to connect to. The home PC is running AVG Free antivirus.

Any suggestions as to where I could start looking? Tx


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