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IOS 6.1.2 Pockcloud Free versus Pro

IOS 6.1.2 Pockcloud Free versus Pro


We are connecting to and RDS connection broker.
When the redirect occurs the application kicks us out of the connection back to the home screen.
Direct connection to our RDS Servers works like a charm.

Redirect with other RDP tool iTap works.

In the past this was working pre IOS 6.1.0

Could it be that there is anything changed in the licensing of Pocketcloud (only one session allowed)
After lunch we will buy pro to see if this resolves anything.


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RE: IOS 6.1.2 Pockcloud Free versus Pro

John, our apologies for the inconvenience. We have seen strange behavior like this on some devices after firmware updates. I suggest re-installing PocketCloud on your device that you updated to see if that resolves the problem for you. Please let me know if this does not help.

No changes were made with licensing, so you should be good there. The fact that it worked before the firmware update leads me to believe that’s where the problem occurred.



Josh Maurer
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