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Installing Companion on a Windows 7 VM

Question Installing Companion on a Windows 7 VM

My primary desktop lives in a VDI cloud. All was fine in the Windows XP version we used for our pilot program. I am now in the production cloud with Windows 7 Enterprise. Installation dies with error code 1721.   Note that my user information is stored under D:\Users\..., which is also reflected in the error message. I am able to install other software packages and make most system changes (when prompted for Administrator approval, my own credentials work fine).

I am attempting to install the latest Companion code (2.1.5). I have tried 3 times, to be sure there was not a simple user error. Any suggestions are most welcome.


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RE: Installing Companion on a Windows 7 VM

Thanks for the info. Our Engineers are looking into this issue.

Wyse Technology

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