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OSX Snow Leopard Not Supported?

OSX Snow Leopard Not Supported?

I downloaded the PocketCloud app on my iPad with the goal of accessing my OSX MacPro remotely. I am having a devil of a time trying to get a connection. I have set it up on the iPad as a VNC connection. When I try to connect, I instantly get a message telling me "Could not connect to server."

On the iPad, I have set it up as the following:
Nickname: MacPro
Host: (not my real IP address obviously)
Password: [entered as I have it set up in OSX]
Port: 5900

On my Mac, I have "Remote Management" selected, added myself as a user with access, and in "Computer Settings" I have "VNC viewers may control screen with password" selected, with a password entered (which is the same password I have set up with PocketCloud on my iPad).

The little green light is on, on the Mac indicating Remote Management: On. It provides my IP address that should be used (which is the same IP address I have set up with PocketCloud on my iPad). I have also checked to make sure Port 5900 is open.

Still, when I try to connect from my iPad, instantly, it tells me it cannot connect (as if it didn't even try).

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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RE: OSX Snow Leopard Not Supported?

Install Vine server on your Mac. While it is running you should be able to connect using Wyse. You can test it locally using the host Mac IP address. Remote access will require. The IP that you listed in your post. *You may need to enable port forwarding on your router first.

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