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Perform eM Client to Outlook Migration

Hi, I am callis

I am here to give review about eM Client and MS Outlook and this is my personal opinion, eM Client is a ok email client, eM Client is a perfect for home users, I have already used this application, I am not saying that it is not good application I am just saying that eM Client is not suitable application for organization, I already experience eM Client and I am still using eM Client but only for home works at my office I am using Microsoft Outlook. But when I have decided to use MS Outlook that time I need all my eM Client emails in my Outlook profile, I did lot of searches about how to convert eM Client emails in Outlook. Then I found eM Client Converter tool.

This is my personal choice of software, but this product work very well, it help me to import eM Client emails to MS Outlook without any issue. It has multiple folder conversion option, using this option I am enable to convert eM Client multiple accounts emails into Outlook. I have follow the these steps to complete the task –

  • Export emails from eM Client into my system local drive
  • Download the eM Client Converter
  • Add folders to software
  • Convert eM Client emails to PST format

This software created UNICODE PST file which is easily supported in Outlook 2003 and all Outlook above versions. I have used this tool, this is completely error free solution no data loss, it save all the rich-text formatting while the conversion process and all the attachments all will remains with their respective emails. So don’t waste your time and use the eM Client to Outlook Converter.

Read This for More Information - https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/office/Need-to-Export-eM-Client-20bc1a5e

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Re: Perform eM Client to Outlook Migration

There are many options to use for converting EML files into Outlook PST format but I found an application for converting EML data files into into Outlook PST even in Mac OS Machine. This software runs well in my Mac-Book Air system and there is o issue while migrating the data. you can also try this software. You and download it from here:-<Non public info removed>

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