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Pocket Cloud / Vista / Midi audio disconnect

Angry Pocket Cloud / Vista / Midi audio disconnect

I purchased the Pocket Cloud for use controlling the Yamaha PM5D Mixing console. When I run the Yamaha Software it works great without Pocket cloud, and with other RDP software apps. The Pocket Cloud app appears to re-route, or disconnect the MIDI audio path. The Yamaha software uses MIDI over USB for control information between the hardware and software. Is there a way to get POCKET CLOUD to NOT mess with this audio function?......Pocket Cloud will work if I start the Yamaha software after Pocket cloud is running. But this is not a option for the workflow during a concert.

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RE: Pocket Cloud / Vista / Midi audio disconnect

Hi keithfinch,
I think this might be caused because we don't support the "Play on remote computer" sound setting. This will be supported in the upcoming maintenance release. In the mean time, you could install a VNC server (e.g. Real VNC) and use PocketCloud to connect to your desktop using VNC, this should overcome the problem.

Wyse PocketCloud Team

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