Pocketcloud messed up my RDP shortcuts on Win7 desktop

Pocketcloud messed up my RDP shortcuts on Win7 desktop

I have serveral RDP shortcuts to different servers on my work desktop. I had the credentials and display settings saved in these shortcuts so I could just click on them and they would start the RDP session without having to log in. After using pocketcloud to RDP to my desktop, and then doing an RDP to these different servers, now those RDP shortcuts always force me to enter the password and domain when I am using my PC by itself (no pocketcloud), and open up to a weird resolution that seems to approximate the size of the iPhone in landscape.

I've tried deleting and re-creating these shortcuts to no avail. Any guidance on this?

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RE: Pocketcloud messed up my RDP shortcuts on Win7 desktop

That is pretty interesting what you are experiencing. I cannot say we have seen this behavior before. Our application and companion application should not change anything like that on your remote server. Can you try the following for me?

1. Uninstall pocketcloud companion
2. Create an RDP shortcuts on desktop with password
3. Try accessing those shortcut from desktop
4. Install pocketcloud companion
5. Access those shortcuts
6. Connect from client and repeat step 5

If after Step 5 you are being prompted for passwords again, we can try debugging our application to see where something might be causing this to happen. Please let me know.



Josh Maurer
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