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RDP to HyperV console - cannot authenticate

RDP to HyperV console - cannot authenticate

I am evaluating the free version of this application for my company - so far its a good product but one bug seems to have surfaced. I can't validate the purchase with this bug - also, the only support mechanism (forum) is indicative of less than serious attempt at service for a company like Wyse.

Anyways here is the problem. 

If I connect to our corp TS gateway into a TS desktop and establish and RDP connection from that desktop to a hyperV console (via RDP) I can't authenticate to any of the VM's int he console. I double checked my credentials and they are correct. If I rdp right into the VM everything is fine but I can't keep 20 RDP sessions open ont he TS server (bandwidth) - I want to be able to monitor and connect if I need to via the HyperV console.

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