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Security Concerns

Security Concerns

I have been asked to investigate the possibility of using your application (PocketCloud) so that multiple employee's can access our internal mail server. I am curious as to the security aspect of the program. Besides our internal server security, are there any other level(s) of security that I can expect when using this program?
As it stands now, these users currently connect to our TS (Terminal Server) via laptops. As these can be cumbersome and take time booting, it is a daunting task at times to access our server this way. I am looking at the possibility of using IPads with IOS5 as the TS access point. Users will be required to gain internet access via a WiFi connection at certain locations and then connect using RDP protocol.
I am concerned about data hijacking. If our server connection is secure, am I safe to assume that the only concern I should have is the WiFi connection?
I would also like to be able to print documents from our Server to different printer locations that we have set up. Is that possible?


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RE: Security Concerns

My apologies for the delayed response, please check out our security information document here:

With our Premium services, we do support printing from your remote desktop as well as air printing.



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