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Session Disconnected

Session Disconnected

I have been successfully using the free version of PocketCloud on 1 PC for soeme time.

Yesterday, because I wanted to be able to connect to a second PC (and because I thought, wrongly it now appears, that I would be able to get sound) I upgraded to Pro and, at the same time, downloaded the latest version of Companion on the 2 PCs.

So far I have managed to connect to the original PC just once. On every other occassion, and every time I try on the new PC, I get the "please wait" screen for a long time and then a message saying "Session Disconnected". 

I don't know whether this is related but on the new PC and sometimeson the old one, whenever the pointer touches the Companion icon in the system tray, the icon disappears.

I've looked through many other posts relating to this kind of error message and have checked what I can (e.g. loopback connections) but no luck yet.

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