Vertical scroll on iPad

Vertical scroll on iPad

First off this is one of the best free application I have.

One starnge issue I just can't get is how to use the vertical scrol.

Say I click on a window's window with many many items and want to scroll down. I click the 'touch pointer' then I click the vertical scroll part, it scrolls about two lines than stops, either up or down. Even if I keep my finder on the lower end of the vertical line it draws, it sill only scrolls the window the pointer is in, about two lines, it does not keep scrolling. What am I doing wrong?

This is connnecting to a Windows 7, VNC host using the Real VNC server on the server end.

Glen Lalonde

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RE: Vertical scroll on iPad

All you have to do once you pless the "+" sing is to just press and slide your finger on the scroll icon and you should be able to see the diference. For more details, please review the PocketCloud Admin Guide at and search for document number 20015.


Roger Montalvo 
Visit our Dell Wyse Thin Client Knowledge Base and Manuals web site at
Visit our Dell Wyse PocketCloud Knowledge Base and Manuals web site at

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