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Very slow connection times

Very slow connection times

I am seeing very slow connection times (The WYSE prompt that says "Loading Connection..." when trying to connect to a VMware View 4.5 Security Server from my IPad. Once the connection is established and the RDP connection begins, the remote control speed is normal.

I don't see this same slow initial connection time when running the View Client from a dekstop/laptop from a remote system. Similarly, if I use PocketCloud to simply RDP into a system via an open port 3389 it connects very fast from the same IPad used above. The connection time is only slow when connecting to the View environment.

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RE: Very slow connection times

In general it will take longer to connect on VMware View compared to RDP since the client needs to do various handshakes with the VMware View server before the desktop connection can be established. 

The answers to these questions will help us reproduce your environment. We are always trying to improve the performance in PocketCloud on subsequent releases.
Are you connecting over 3G or WiFi?
If connecting over WiFi, is your VMware View server on the same network (e.g. same location)?
How many seconds is it taking to establish the connection?
Are you using RSA two-factor auth?

Wyse PocketCloud Team

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