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Win 7 x86 Windows slow to minimize

Win 7 x86 Windows slow to minimize

I have PocketCloud companion installed on a VMWare virtual Windows 7 SP1 x86. NOT VMWare View, just a Win7 computer that I access using RDP.

Since I upgraded to v 2.1.14, windows are very slow to minimize.

Specifically, if I RDP to this computer from a physical Win7 SP1 x64 computer and I click the minimize button, it will take about 3 seconds before the window minimizes.

I see a similar delay when using the X button (upper right of most windows) to close a window.

Behavior is normal if I RDP in through PocketCloud from my iPad.

Behavior is normal if I use VMWare's Console to access my Win7 computer.

If I EXIT PocketCloud Companion then the windows minimize normally, correctly. I start Companion again and the Windows are slow to minimize again.

If I minimize a windows by clicking it's icon in the taskbar, behavior is normal, correct.

Has anyone else seen this?



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RE: Win 7 x86 Windows slow to minimize

I have the same problem with on my Windows Server 2008, the delay is with all the buttons on the top right edge of the windows. But if I call minimize or close procedures from the bottom icon on the taskbar, there is no problem.
Exiting PocketCloud companion helps.
With starting PocketCloud, some blank screen blinks on the desktop, and the problem is still behaving.


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RE: Win 7 x86 Windows slow to minimize

OMG! thank you so much!!

I've been living with this problem for the past few months and it's been driving me INSANE!

I RDP into my office PC virtually every single night and every time I went to minimise a windows there was a delay for several seconds. It was driving me mad.
I couldn't work out what piece of software caused the problem.

I was almost ready to blow away my entire machine and reload from scratch in an effort to try and resolve this issue.

Wyse - are you aware of this and is anything being done to resolve this issue? I've now shutdown the windows companion and now I can use my machine happily again. What do we need to do in order to resolve this, as I can't use the software like this.

cheers, wizdude.

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