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Wyse / RSA bug when specifying Domain in VMWare View

Exclamation Wyse / RSA bug when specifying Domain in VMWare View

Is there a bug in PocketCloud that could be preventing Domain recognition when using RSA Tockens to create a new desktop profile?

When creating a new VMware View desktop, PocketCloud prompts for domain, user ID, and password. When prompted to poll the list of valid domains, I provide my RSA Tocken, but I never advance to my domain list like previous versions. Instead, I am prompted for my RSA Token repeatedly. With a customer, we were able to confirm the RSA Server is getting the topken and validating the resposne, but the PocketCloud is failing to progress in the setup procedure.

I have found this issue to occur on iPad's with the PocketCloud 2.1.200 connecting to a View Desktop through a security gateway requiring RSA Tockens. I have a customer with the same exact issue and we have proven the issued does not occur with any other device or platform. I can connect to the View platform if I VPN into the network first and nolonger require the RSA Token. Not ideal! This is not an issue for older PocketCloud versions, Adroid clients, Physical Desktops using View Client, or VPN Connected iPads that do not use RSA.

Is this a know bug? Is there a work around? Will this be fixed in the near future? Even more perplexing is that "RSA" isn't searchable in the Wyse forums to see if this is a known issue.

This may kill a large iPad client opportunity for my project.

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