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Dell wyse thin client 5060 usb imaging tool v3.0

Capture.PNGCapture1.PNGi am trying to use the dell wyse usb imaging tool version 3.0 which if im not mistaken is the newest version. when i plug my usb device into the machine i am able to see the usb in device manager, file explorer and disk managment. i have formatted it multiple time to nfts, the drive shows available when i hit the usb drives button on the bottom of the imaging tool on the left hand side, but when i select the drop down box to select the drive it not showing a usb drive. i have wiped the disk off the usb drive, created new partitions, deleted them , created new volumes, changed disk assignment letters, still not showing in the drop down for me to select on the imaging tool.


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try setting your USB drive to GPT instead of MBR 

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