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How to get Wyse device logged in user information

Dear All.

We are currently using Dell Wyse terminals D10D with VDI using SSO feature. We are looking for a mechanism to understand the current logged in user on a Wyse terminal. In WDM console, we are able to get Wyse MAC, IP, firmware etc but username is not present as this not native on devices rather user get signed in to VDI. Is there a way to track who is using which Wyse terminal? The number of users are growing so maintaining excels in not a good option and again the list is not dynamic. 

Please let me know if someone has suggestions or has implemented any tool to get this information.

Many thanks.


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RE: How to get Wyse device logged in user information

I'd like to bump this one.

We use D10/5010 and T10/3010.

How can we see logged on users in ThinOS??


How can we see if noone is logged onto the thinclients?? I'd like to restart thin clients which is not in use, when doing maintenance etc....

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