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Issues upgrading ThinOS on WYSE 5010 with FTP server

I'm trying to upgrade the firmware for a WYSE 5010 from ThinOS 8.0_512 to 8.4, as a stepping tone to upgrading the device to one of the supported versions. I have been given a D10G_bios.bin file for 8.4, which I have copied over into my FTP server's C:\inetpub\ftproot\WYSE\wnos\ and C:\inetpub\ftproot\WYSE\wnos\pkg\ folders. The ...\wnos\wnos.ini file is configured as: Autoload=2 loadpkg=1 Addpkg=TCX,FR,horizon

The zero client has been set to factory default settings, is pointing to [MY_FTP_IP]/WYSE as per this and this, and is able to log into our current Citrix environment when I point it at a folder configured with our current settings. However, it will not upgrade to the 8.4 firmware.

Do I need any additional files in order to upgrade the device? Is there a specific place the .bin file is supposed to be located, or is there a specific folder structure I need to have in my ...\wnos\ folder in order to upgrade?

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