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Wyse 5070 Windows 10 "Test Mode"

I have a fresh out of the box Wyse 5070 that goes into "Test Mode" after a period of time. It ends up creating a huge water mark that covers the entire screen. Now Uncle Google found me a command prompt to try (bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF), however this does not seem to work. Anyone else have this issue? If so how did you fix it?


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Re: Wyse 5070 Windows 10 "Test Mode"

I am having users report the same issue.

I have previously reached out to Dell about this issue and at first it related to the Windows License not activating on the device.  This related to me trying to install the LTSC "Redstone 5" Image on a device purchased before 10/3/2019.  My device is not licensed for this version and I needed to go back to the LTSB "Redstone 1" Image.  Once back on the LTSB Image the "Test Mode" message no longer appeared.

Here is the note from the "Windows 10 Enterprise 2019 LTSC for Dell" Release notes that relates to that issue.
"Thin clients running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise Redstone 1 purchased before 10/3/2019 cannot be updated to Redstone 5 without purchasing additional license. This can be accomplished by reviewing your SA/CLA agreement with Microsoft or through distribution."

My issue now was I created an Image that was being installed with my custom settings with WMS and the image was using the same Product Key on all the devices instead of using the product key that shipped with the device.  Not sure why the same product key was being used but it would make it so the key would not activate on the other devices and with an invalid license it puts it into a "Test Mode".

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