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Wyse 5070 with no OS -- installing ThinLinux, Win E via SA, or third party linux distribution

Hello -

We purchased some used 5070 thin clients to test. They shipped with no OS (see tag C0S61P2). It appears we can't load ThinOS or ThinLinux for testing -- we downloaded the images to USB drives, booted, and received a security key error. Fair enough, I thought ThinLinux was open but I guess not. No worries - we have Win8.1 Embedded via an enterprise agreement..... but after trying to install via a bootable ISO on numerous USB drives (which booted ThinLinux) and the BIOS not recognizing them at all, I'm beginning to suspect the Wyse BIOS only allows booting to approved USB images. Surely that's not correct?

I guess the big question is what can we do to get an OS installed on these test units?

Appreciate anyone's help!

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Greetings ryanio,

we are in a similar situation, wrong part# ordered, no OS. Awaiting  approval to attempt to install ThinOS but I'm told by support we'll likely get the same result. Did you ever resolve?



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Currently, converting between Operating systems, or installing an operating system that the system was not sold with is not supported.  That is likely to change (in the very near) future. 

I would advise you to reach out to your Dell sales team for more information on overcoming this.


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