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1200LE Wake On Lan only works sometimes

1200LE Wake On Lan only works sometimes

I have classrooms with Wyse 1200LE clients deployed and working well. I am trying to get the wake on lan feature working correctly.

I am generating the magic packet and this will cause the clients to boot, but only sometimes!

On further investigation it seems that it is linked to how long the client has had the power connected.

For example, I connect the power and then generate the magic packet, client boots. I then shutdown the client, if I send a magic packet straight away the client will again boot. However if a wait a period of time the client will not wake up. If I disconnect and reconnect the power, and then send the magic packet it will boot.

It is as if there is a shutdown level that the clients go into from which the wake on lan feature will not function.

Does anybody have any ideas?

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