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C10LE reimage FreeDOS to Thin OS

Hi guys

I bought 5x Wyse C10LE "Approved Selection" (second hand) from a supplier. To my surprize when I powered on the devices I found that ThinOS was not on the devices but instead a version of FreeDOS was installed.

We have over 150 Wyse C10LE in the company so I have my preferred firmware with the C10_boot and C10_wnos files but I have yet to find a way to install it on the Wyse clients. Since ThinOS is not installed, the device does not contact our FTP server to upgrade the firmware.

After some google searching I found the USB firmware tool (v2.1.1.2) but I am unable to pull the firmware from another working C10LE because booting on the USB drive just results in a screen displaying a single word "GRUB _" (attached) and it does not load anything or take any input.

I'm at a loss here, could anyone advise? 

Devices in question are:

Part NO: 902175-02L
Manufactured Date: September - 2010

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RE: C10LE reimage FreeDOS to Thin OS


as you found out, you cannot pull an image from a WTOS device, however, you can download the "Merlin File" for the C10LE from the Self-Service portal. You will need to purchase a Software Maintenance Contract from our Inside Sales group before you can download the file. Inside Sales can be contacted at 1-800-800-9973 option1.

Roger Montalvo