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Can't change anything for my smart card?

I have lates ThinOS running on a OptiPlex 3000 TC and when I insert my smart card I can "tunnel" it trough Horizon to my VDI without any issues.

But when I looking at "Smart Card Self-Service" in ThinOS I can see that the card is "flagged" as inserted but I can't see any information and I can't click on any on the buttons "View", "Change pin", "unlock pin"

So what's this? Why can't I do this?

I can't seem to use my smart card either to login trough horizon (yes vmware parts are correct) it asks for pin etc. but it's greyed out and I can't write anything.

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It sounds like the smart card is being USB redirected into the session for auth to an app, when it needs to be kept local to the thin client.  I would try disabling USB redirection, and possibly use blast settings to exclude the vid and pid of the SC from redirecting. 

All else fails, get a support case going.


Yes that’s the case. The smart card get redirected in to the VDI.

We need to also re-direct it so it’s not possible to have it to access the thin client and then redirect it in to windows?

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