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Cannot connect ternmial using LAN address

Cannot connect ternmial using LAN address


I cannot connect my Wyse terminal to a Windows Server 2008 RDP server using the LAN address of the server while on the LAN. It does connect using the WAN address while I am on the LAN. Does anyone have any thoughts on what might cause this and how to fix it. 

Wyse int
part - 902178-91L
serial - 213 9LB34790
mac- 00 80 64 3E E5 FF

I have tried taking the terminal back to factory settings and the results are the same. I have checked the ip settings and the device connects using DHCP with a LAN address. Other devices do not have this issue.

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RE: Cannot connect ternmial using LAN address

Can you ping the server from the thin client at any time? What version of firmware are you using? What thin client model are you using? Remember that this is a community forum so Wyse Guys (and not so Wyse ones) can help with the problems. Those of us who have experience, but have no access ot Wyse systems can sometimes help given the right information to start with.

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