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DELL Optiplex 3000 running on thionOS v 9.3.xx


I have switched my Dell Wyse today morning and i am getting the below error message.


FATAL ERROR : Cannot decrypt Root partition. This may caused by TPM/PTT/NIC device disable/enable in BIOS.

I tried disable the TPM in security options in BIOS and still getting the same issue, can someone advise on same please.



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You will need to re-image the device using the recovery image


I would also encourage you op to open a support case for engineering investigation.

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We are also having this issue at my company, FATAL ERROR: Cannot decrypt Root partition. We have 3 Optiplex 3000 machines that are getting this error. I was told by a Dell Tech that it had to do with the order in which we are installing our files. We use the WMS to deploy packages. We were told that we need to setup different groups in our WMS to deploy the updated OS firmware, then BIOS and then Apps, instead of putting them in a group with the newest packages available. 

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