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Dell Wyse ThinOS 8.0_MR2 Beta

Exclamation Dell Wyse ThinOS 8.0_MR2 Beta

I'm very excited to be able to offer you early BETA access to the next big release for ThinOS (MR2). This BETA will be open for 3 weeks (Officially closes Dec 6th) with daily updates and responses by the ThinOS DEV & SQA team members.
After the close of the BETA (Dec 6th), we will still monitor this forum, but will not be able to provide additional BETA code drops afterwards.

Thank you again for your interest in helping with this BETA testing, I look forward to hearing your feedback on these exciting new features, summarized below for quick reference.

  • Native Citrix Storefront Authentication Support (2.0 & 2.1)
  • Imprivata OneSign
      • Fast User Switching
      • Kiosk mode
      • Self service password reset
  • TCX USB Interface Redirection
  • Dell Quest vWorkspace .XML & Secure Gateway integration
  • VMware Horizion View Radius Server Authentication support
  • Wireless UI Improvements
  • Easy Date/Time manual GUI settings now available

Requests for Screen Shots:
This forum doesn't allow uploads. You can however link to an external site and paste that link here so we can still view the screen shot.
An example of a free site that will host your images is:
Image Shack; TinyPic

Requests for Video uploads:
If a request for a video has been asked, please PM me directly, and I will provide you an link to upload the image.

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