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RE: Error: "Virtual Driver Error" on reconnect.

Similar issue here.

Came across this - http://vinceblake.com/virtual-driver-error/

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RE: Error: "Virtual Driver Error" on reconnect.


We have this very same issue : Virtual Device Error at connection time to our old Citrix Metaframe XP Farm.

we have just purchased a couple of D10D; we used to use C10LE

These new D10D came with firmware 8.0_37 and needs to connect to an old Citrix Metaframe XP.
Up to now, it is impossible to have a connection, we also have error "Virtual Driver Error".

C10LE with firmware 7.1_207 does not have the error BUT if I upgrade the firmware to 8.0_37, I have exactly the same error message.
Going back to firmware 7.1.207 correct the issue.

We can reproduced this error all time on both D10D & C10LE with firmware 8.0_37.

I am trying to play around with the display settings but this does not correct the issue.

If someone have any suggestions ...