How to name $MAC.ini?

How to name $MAC.ini?

I'm new to Wyse ThinOS, this is my first time creating an ini file. I got wnos.ini working with Wyse T10, but not able to setup device-specific configurations ($MAC.ini). I'm confused how to name the $MAC.ini file.

For example: Assume Wyse T10's MAC address is 001122:CC33DD

In wnos.ini: Should I enter INCLUDE=$MAC.ini or INCLUDE=001122CC33DD?
For the actual .ini file under \wyse\wnos\ how should I name it?


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RE: How to name $MAC.ini?

The correct format is:

The file names should be the mac address of the device you wish to configure. e.g. 001122CC33DD.INI
More information can be found in the WTOS ini reference guide available at and search for "WTOS documentation"

Roger Montalvo 
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