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Issues w/ Multiple Display Configuration on T10 and CD Burning

Exclamation Issues w/ Multiple Display Configuration on T10 and CD Burning

Here are the details of my configuration:

Connection Broker -> Microsoft Server 2012
Hyper-V Server -> Microsoft Server 2012
Virtual Machines -> Windows 7 Enterprise SP1
RDP Version on VM -> 8.0

Thin Clients -> Wyse T10
Wyse ThinOS -> 8.0_037

Wyse TCX (Installed on VM and Hyper-V Server) ->


ConnectionBroker=Microsoft Host=***

TimeServer=X.X.X.X TimeFormat="12 hour format" DateFormat=mm/dd/yyyy
TimeZone='GMT - 05:00' ManualOverride=No

SessionConfig=RDP ForceSpan=No EnableRFX=No USBRedirection=TCX


AutoSignoff=Yes Shutdown=Yes



I cannot seem to get Dual Displays to work on the RDP session. It works on the Wyse T10 itself but is not passed through to the RDP session. Instead I always get a fullscreen desktop on only one screen. I have tried this both with and without TCX.

With TCX installed, if I try to configure the Multi-Display using the TCX configuration software I get the message "TCX Multi-display can be configured only through Remote connection."

I swear I have tried everything (obviously not) but I really need help here. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work?

On a separate topic, with TCX, I have USB redirection working. However, when I attach a CD/DVD burner it doesn't see blank discs as writable. Windows does however see the drive as a DVD RW. Any thoughts on how to get CD/DVD burning working on this configuration?

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RE: Issues w/ Multiple Display Configuration on T10 and CD Burning

hi there,

on the dual screen issue i would suggest adding this to your configuration file, we use this in a separate mac.ini file so it only applies to certain t-10's instead of all our 110 users, but it should work in a global config file.

screen=1 Resolution=DDC
screen=2 Resolution=DDC
Dualhead=yes Mainscreen=1 Taskbar=mainscreen
SessionConfig=ALL DefaultColor=2 Fullscreen=yes



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RE: Issues w/ Multiple Display Configuration on T10 and CD Burning

Thank you for your help! (I know this is a little late.) That was exactly what I needed to fix the screen issue.

In terms of the CD redirection, we have gotten rid of TCX and would like to use basic RDP USB redirection and/or RemoteFX with our T10s. Does anyone have a suggestion on the correct way to configure this? I think I had it working at one point, but it appeared to crash the T10 if we were burning too much data (i.e. DVD).

As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

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