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Newbie question for setting up 3040

I have a brand new wyse 3040.

I installed and setup the Wyse management suite.

Somehow I magically got it to work with one of my citrix storefronts.   Looks great, runs great, life is good.


I created a new policy to have it connect to a different storefront.   From teh logs, I see it install the new certs, but that's all it does......I don't even see it try to connect to teh store front.   I have compared teh 2 different policies, and they are teh same (excpet the sotrefront url)
as a test, i put the storefront url of the second policy into the url for the first policy.   that works.   so there has to be something in the second policy that is making it not even bother to try.

ALSO, with the new policy, I can't even restart teh device from the management suite.   If I set the device back to using the first policy, things go back to working normal.  

last friday (april5) i opened a ticket with dell support and I still have not heard a word back from them.

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