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Pnlite - using SSL

Pnlite - using SSL

I want to connect to a Citrix Secure Gateway using SSL from a wyse V10Le client running WTOS 7.0_113.

What is the correct syntax for connection?

I have found a sample wtos ini file but I have not been able to figure out how to tell the client to use SSL. Do I have to specify the location of the SSL certificate?

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RE: Pnlite - using SSL

you will need to load the SSL cert onto the terminal
check the WTOS admin guide available from the KB. basically you can load the CERT on the device manually through the local GUI via USB stick or FTP server.
or you can use the WNOS.INI file command addcertficate= and have the cert stored in a folder on your FTP server named CACERTS.

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