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Printer Mapping in an ICA Session

Printer Mapping in an ICA Session

I'm pretty new to Wyse ThinClients in general, but am having the following issue. I have gone through several pieces of documentation and that has helped somewhat, but essentially here is the issue. It's worth stating up front that I am not very knowledgeable about Citrix. I would appreciate any guidance received:

Using Wyse S10 running ThinOS

I have some printers on a print server that I mapped via SMB to the ThinClient in my wnos.ini file. They show up in the printers list and I can send test pages from the Wyse. But then I open an ICA session and the printers do not show up there. Under normal circumstances (using my workstation rather than the thin client) the Citrix environment will detect mapped printers and duplicate them in the Citrix session, using Citrix Universal drivers.

What factors could be preventing the same process from detecting and mapping the printers in my ICA session when using the Wyse?

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RE: Printer Mapping in an ICA Session

with PC's running the Win32 ICA client it supports a feature called universal printer driver.
so when you connect from a Win32 ICA client it will create the printer using the Universal printer driver on the server..
however from a Thin OS box, the Universal Printer Driver is not used.. instead you need to be sure and have the printer driver for the printer installed on the Citrix server. then in the INI file for the Printer Identification section.. make sure you match the printer driver name that is installed on the Citrix server.
this is a text string comparison, so be sure and use the same case and spacing.

hope this helps..

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