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T10 Default Settings

T10 Default Settings


I have sort of bricked the T10 we have in house for testing.

I was testing the lockdown abilities using wnos.ini file from an ftp server and somehow changed the name of the ftp server to something a DNS server cannot recognize, after locking the client down.

Privelege is set to none and lockdown is set to yes. So I cannot use the g key to do a factory reset, and I cannot make changes to connect to an ftp server due to it being locked down.

Is there any other way to reset back to defaults or at the very least unlock it so that I can change the server path?
It is also set to a static ip so DHCP settings will not help in this scenario.

Any input would be appreciated,

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RE: T10 Default Settings

I'm not sure if this works anymore, but go to www.wyse.com/manuals and search for knowledge base article 12980 see if that helps.




Roger Montalvo 
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