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Thin Client Citrix Upgrade

I have several Thin Clients (Model Dx0D) running via three Citrix Servers on the 2008 R2 platform. We have to update our XenApp v6.5 to v7.15 LTSR. Because of third party software, this necessitates us to upgrade our Citrix servers to 2012 R2. Will my Thin Clients be compatible with the 2012 R2 servers? And can my Thin Clients use Win10 apps? Thanks
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Re: Thin Client Citrix Upgrade

You dont mention what version of firmware you are on but as a general rule you should stay on the latest to be compatible. 

8.5_017 is the current version.  You can download the firmare from the Dell support site.  The Dx0D is a 5010.

Instructions on updating firmware

the other challenge you may have is your settings in your INI file.  The thin clients should be controlled by a WNOS.INI file, which defines its connections.  You probably have a line in there that is pnliteserver=....

Under 6.5 that probably pointed to a Web interface server, under 7.x they will probably build a storefront server, so when you change you will need to adjust your INI. 


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