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ThinOS 8.5+ and Network Connection to Upload Logs

Good Day All

We are using the WMS public cloud portal for managing our devices. We also have an on-prem server that we have setup as our WMS Repo server for importing technicians from Active Directory into WMS so we can set them up with view access in the cloud portal.  That WMS Repo server doesn’t get much use outside of importing techs, so I’d like to set it up to have troubleshooting log files from our thin clients uploaded to the server.

All of our Wyse 3040 ThinOS clients are on firmware 8.5_017 so I would like to utilize this feature in WMS, but I’m not sure where to start.  I looked through the WMS 1.3 Admin and Deployment guide, but I don’t see anything around how to configure a server for the troubleshooting log files to upload to. Can you point me in the right direction to get a server configured for uploading the troubleshooting log files to a server?

I'm not a server administrator so I need to tell our server admins what we need provisioned on the server.



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Re: ThinOS 8.5+ and Network Connection to Upload Logs

For clarification:

In WMS, when I edit my ThinOS Policy and navigate to the Security section there is the Network location to upload (8.5+) section (in red)


The description above reads, the network location to uploaded trace, network captures and log files, which I’m interpreting as the troubleshooting section of the ThinOS that would typically need to be saved to a USB thumb drive onsite (shown below)


Has anyone got this setup yet and what is your experience?

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Re: ThinOS 8.5+ and Network Connection to Upload Logs

ThinOS can write the event logs to either an HTTP(s) or FTP server.   WMS uses Apache as it's underlying HTTP server so unless you want to try and configure Apache to allow anonymous writes my advice would be to install an FTP server on the WMS server, then create a user for FTP and configure your device via WMS policy to upload to the FTP server location.

1) FileZilla FTP Server


2) Either setup a policy in WMS or use the advanced section to enable the trace

Privilege=High EnableTrace=yes
SaveSysinfo=$mac.log username=username password=password append=yes
CCMEnable=Yes DebugLevel=2