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ThinOS: Fullscreen or Window mode

I use 3010/5010 clients w/ThinOs (8.3.x). My users log on to the thin clients and get Citrix connections from a Storefront server.

Some users would like their desktop on 1 screen (window mode), while others would like to use their dual monitors (Full screen mode). They also would like to use 1 or 2 screens based on ther current need / situation. Before XenDesktop 7.x it would solve easy by creating 2 desktop icons from Citrix in different resolutions. Any clever ideas how to achieve this with XD7.x??

I guess I can configure 2 group.ini-files and let them choose from the dropdown menu if they'd like 1 or 2 screens configuration before logging in, but: then they have to log all out from the thin client to switch over to another resolution....They also use multiple RDP connections at the same time.

Is group.ini the only way??

Something like:
SelectGroup=yes description "1 screen" groupname 1screen description="2 screens" groupname 2screens

and put the

SessionConfig=ICA desktopmode=window/fullscreen

in 1screen.ini and 2screens.ini

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RE: ThinOS: Fullscreen or Window mode

Add the following to your WNOS.ini file

DualHead=Yes \

       MainScreen=1 \

       ManualOverride=Yes \

       MonitorAutoDetect=Yes \

       Orientation=Hort \

       Align=Top \

       Swap=Yes \



Screen=1 \

       Resolution=DDC \



Screen=2 \

       Resolution=DDC \


Roger Montalvo