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Trap: Protection Fault Error - R10L & V10L

Trap: Protection Fault Error - R10L & V10L


I've seen numerous threads on forums discussing the Trap: Protection Fault Error but no one seems to have a solid resolution. From what I've gathered it's essentially a BSOD for ThinOS but with extremely vague hex codes.

We currently have over 100 R10L's and 50 V10L's in our production environment and average a dozen Trap: errors each day. We've contacted wyse but their solution was updating our firmware, we've gone from version 6 all the way through 7.1.122 with no luck. We are running an ESXI VDI solution with VMware view using RDP.

If anyone has had any success combating that issue I would greatly appreciate the help.


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RE: Trap: Protection Fault Error - R10L & V10L

The trap error numbers means something to the engineers. You may want to post a picture of the error.